I found out I had metastatic breast cancer 19 years after the first time I had breast cancer.

I was initially diagnosed when I was 45. I thought, “How could I have breast cancer at this age?”

They put me on very […]


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2009. The cancer was already Stage IV (metastatic), and it was in my bones and in one lung.

My dog was the one that saved my life.

He kept going up on my chest, […]


My darling wife, Lynn, has been sick with metastatic breast cancer since 2013. My role as her caregiver is to be supportive and present all the time.

She has not gone to one doctor’s appointment or treatment without me. Every time she goes […]

dr. kevin kalinsky

In my practice, I only see patients with breast cancer. Up to 10% of my patients have metastatic disease that has spread to other organs, and we follow them very closely.

I also do clinical research to find new treatments and […]


I’ve been living with metastatic breast cancer since late 2012.

But my journey started back in 2004, when I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. It had spread to 22 lymph nodes. I just couldn’t believe it because I was going annually for my […]

fran and angie

As social workers, we counsel a lot of patients with metastatic breast cancer. We provide a lot of psychosocial support and crisis intervention for patients and their families, and together we also run support groups.

franandangie_05There’s so […]


I’m a mother of 3 young children, and I’m living with metastatic breast cancer.

I was first diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer when I was 38 and pregnant with my youngest child. I felt a lump in my breast and asked my obstetrician to […]


It seems as if every family member of mine has had cancer or heart disease. I did everything I could to ensure that I did not fall victim to one of these diseases, but I still ended up with metastatic breast cancer.

In July […]